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Crestal bone evaluation around implants placed with different primary stability: a prospective study with radiographic follow-up.

Patients to be recruited belong to the pool of patients referred to the department of periodontology (Saint-Joseph University, Beirut-Lebanon), for the placement of SLA® bone level implants (Straumann® dental implant system), and meeting the following criteria: • Inclusion criteria: -Patients in general good health willing to sign an informed consent -Absence of periodontal disease or controlled type II periodontitis (mild periodontitis, according to the AAP classification 1999) -Implants placed in native bone • Exclusion criteria: -Uncontrolled periodontal disease or patients diagnosed with controlled aggressive periodontitis -Uncontrolled diabetes (HbA1C level>7%) -Unhealed extraction socket (less than 4months after tooth extraction) -Less than 1 year follow-up after prosthesis delivery • Groups to be studied according to implant primary stability: (15-20 implants per group) -Group I: primary stability <20 N/cm -Group II: primary stability 20-45 N/cm -Group III: primary stability >45 N/cm

MATNI Ghassan

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