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Impact of type 1 diabetes on periodontal status: A cross sectional study in a Lebanese population.

This study is a cross-sectional descriptive survey of 150 diabetic patients older then 8 years visiting the Chronic Care Center, Baabda, Lebanon. Inclusion criteria: 1) Patient suffering from type 1 diabetes 2) Patients diagnosed with diabetes for at least 6 months 3) Patients with at least 6 natural teeth Questionnaire A questionnaire is designed to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practices of diabetic patients along with corresponding demographic variables. Informed verbal consent will be taken from each eligible participant before administration of the questionnaire. Willing participants will be informed in detail by the investigators about the research project and its outcomes. The investigators will ask the questions verbally in Arabic and filled out the form. Privacy of the patients will be ensured during filling of questionnaires. At the end of questioning, patients will be informed about the impact of their systemic condition on oral health Clinical examination: 1. Data relating to the periodontal status comprising the: • Plaque index (1) • Bleeding index (2) • Appearance of the gums (healthy, inflamed) • Pockets depth • Recession (3) • Tooth mobility (4) • Missing teeth. 2. Data relating to the diabetic status: Blood test for all the patients recruited to evaluate: - HbA1C - Cholesterol level - Il -6


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